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My Brides Say

Kelly & Nicci
"We couldn’t be more grateful that we found Caitlynn. We hope to work with her again one day."

Kelly & Nicci Balestrieri

-Danielle 3.23

If you think you don’t need a day-of coordinator you’re wrong – you need Caitlynn from Planning with Pedana. Caitlynn is absolutely amazing and we LOVED having her as our coordinator! Our wedding went perfectly and that's in no small part due to her. She was always available in the months leading up to our big day. Other coordinators we thought about hiring would only be available the month of the wedding and either via email or zoom call. Caitlynn was available the moment we signed on with her and was thoughtful and attentive throughout the entire process. We met once a month with her leading up to our wedding (in person or in zoom) and had one final meeting the week before our day. Caitlynn ensured that we stayed on track with our to-do list, DIYs and vendors. She respectfully communicated her opinions and gave recommendations while ensuring we always knew it's our wedding and our decision. Our venue did not host a rehearsal, so we had to plan and run our own. Caitlynn took more time out of her weekend and attended the rehearsal, and helped us distill the necessary information for our bridal party and made sure everyone understood their roles, knew who their partners were, etc. We were able to introduce her to our families and our bridal party, so that everyone was comfortable and knew her before our wedding day. The day of the wedding she was an absolute ROCKSTAR! She was constantly on the move in between the groom and bridal suites making sure everyone stayed on track. She acted as our liaison between the venue and vendors. She helped the groomsmen steam all of their shirts. She coordinated the gift exchange, helped with the first look and made sure the dress, hair, suits and everything stayed perfect throughout the night. She even braved the rain and the snow as we took pictures outside in less than ideal weather! We asked her to stay a bit longer into the reception to put our minds at ease as we got through all of the formalities and she did! We are so grateful for all of her help and support! She was our greatest advocate and support during the day and knowing she had our back relieved any stress we may have had the day of. Wish she could've stayed as a guest after, too! We absolutely recommend using Caitlynn to plan your wedding! You'll be so grateful you did!!


-Mia 5.23

I knew from the moment we first chatted, that Caitlynn would be an irreplaceable asset for my wedding day. We went over every detail of planning and she helped my husband and I tackle each task. When it came to the day of, I simply just would not have been able to do this without Caitlynn. As someone who was planning a more non-traditional wedding, in less than 6 months or so, I didn't realize how much went into planning [and how much I was missing w/o Caitlynn] despite these differences! From the second Caitlynn arrived in the house for the day of the wedding, my anxiety quickly dissipated. Everything went seamlessly - she worked with each and every vendor, the entire wedding party, guests and family, to be sure everything was moving along smoothly. Everyone who worked with her that day was so impressed, and constantly inquiring about Caitlynn and her work, where did we find her, and what would we do without her! We truly had the best day ever and were able to ENJOY ourselves, which at times during planning seemed impossible! I will never be able to thank Caitlynn enough for not only keeping me on track, but also for giving me great ideas and getting us through and executing that amazing day!

-Coral 9.22

In the early part of my wedding planning process I was very on the fence about whether or not I should hire a coordinator. Hiring Caitlynn for my September 2022 wedding was one of the best decisions I made. Looking back, I don’t think I could have pulled it off without her! Throughout the planning process she was so incredibly knowledgeable, great with communication and quick to respond. She also had great advice, helpful resources and nudged me to stay on track with certain planning milestones. The week of the wedding and the day itself she was so attentive, organized, and thoughtful. I truly never felt stressed knowing she was handling coordination of the timeline, other vendors, bridal party members, and decoration setup. On top of all of that she kept me hydrated with water as well as our signature drinks which I was too busy to get myself, she made sure I had a change of shoes for the end of the evening, and was taking pictures and videos of all of the important moments such as our vows, the ceremony, and our first dance. She fielded any and all questions or issues and was the driving force behind getting the venue clean and restored to its original state at the end of the night (I had a very DIY venue). Do yourself a favor and hire Caitlynn for your special day, every penny is worth the peace of mind and expertise she brings!!"


-Lucia 4.24

We cannot thank Caitlynn enough!! We started planning our wedding and realized that we would need someone trustworthy to take care of all our needs, and when we found Caitlynn we knew she was perfect. She called us so much more than just the month of, and was always there to help keep us on track! We felt so together leading up to our Big Day and like we didn’t have any missing pieces. When our Day came, Caitlynn was there above and beyond what we even imagined. Our church ceremony ran late, and Caitlynn helped to coordinate our shuttle to wait for our guests and still kept our timeline. There were so many little things throughout the day that we didn’t have to worry about at all because we knew Caitlynn had it all handled. Our day was absolutely perfect and everything went so smooth, and we owe so much of that to Caitlynn!!

-Jenna 5.24

When my husband and I first started our wedding planning process, we were interested in hiring a day of coordinator. It was hands down the best decision we made. Caitlynn went above and beyond to make sure my day ran flawlessly! No matter where I was or what I was doing she always by my side! She made sure my husband and I got the photos we wanted, kept me cool with a fan, put in/took out my veil, bustled me, helped me into my second dress, and so much more! I can confidently say that if I didn’t hire Caitlynn, my wedding day would not have been as wonderful as it was. I can’t express how truly grateful I am to have met her! It is an honor to be apart of the Planning With Pedana Family!

2024.05.18 - Amanda, Mike Wedding-1385.jpg

-Amanda 5.24

We couldn't be happier with the incredible service provided by Caitlynn leading up to and on our wedding day! She was always available to answer our questions and provide guidance, making us feel completely at ease throughout the entire process. On the day of our wedding, Caitlynn was quick and efficient, handling everything with such ease and professionalism. Thanks to her dedication and hard work, our wedding day was stress-free and flawless. If you're looking for someone who will go above and beyond to make your special day perfect, look no further than Planning with Pedana! What truly set Caitlynn apart was her unwavering support and understanding as I am living with multiple chronic conditions. I was nervous about how my health might affect the wedding day, but Caitlynn provided reassurance and support every step of the way. She was incredibly accommodating and made sure I felt comfortable and stress-free throughout the entire process!

-Maya 5.24

Caitlynn was the easiest choice for us. From our initial meeting we were so excited to work with her. Throughout the planning process she was informative and answered any questions I had. You can tell she is a pro! She made our wedding day run so smooth that I did not even worry about a single thing on the day. Caitlynn coordinated with all of our vendors, transported items and even sat and hung out with the bridal parties when there was down time. She was so organized, attentive and had everyone in line (even the groomsman). Many people came up to us after saying she was amazing. Truly one of the best decisions we made was hiring her for day of coordination. You wont regret it!


-Nicole 5.23

If you are on the fence about hiring a day of coordinator, I would definitely go forward with getting one! Caitlynn is someone who went above and beyond in so many ways. She got to know my husband and I as individuals and as a couple. She helped us stay on track during the planning process, helping us think of details we never would have considered on our own! Her communication was phenomenal from start to post-wedding! On my wedding day I truly was not stressed at all. I knew Caitlynn was ON IT! The night can get chaotic, but she was sure to pull us aside for little moments we had planned like photos with Grandma or sunset rooftop photos. Not to mention, she fixed my bustle about 25 times throughout the night haha! Bottom line, having Caitlynn as our coordinator really let us enjoy every second of our wedding, never having to think about logistics throughout the night. We are so grateful that we worked with Caitlynn and I would recommend her to anyone getting married!

-Brianna 1.24

I could recommend Planning with Pedana for a number of reasons. First, working with Caitlynn was easy and fun, from our very first meeting together. Hiring Caitlynn as a day of coordinator, I figured that I would share what I needed done on the day of the wedding, Caitlynn would handle all of the day of issues that arrive or what I need day of, and that would be the extent of our relationship. This was very far from what happened! From the moment I signed my contract with Caitlynn, she was in consistent communication with me, including providing an entire Google Drive with resources, timelines, tipping guides, and checklists. We were in contact via text, phone calls, emails, and in-person meets and Caitlynn stayed on top of me with reminders of what I was falling behind on or forgetting to do. Caitlynn went above and beyond just working with me on the day of the wedding, and I am beyond grateful I found Planning with Pedana to work with!


-Marta 6.23

10/10. Caitlynn Pedana, our day would not have gone smoothly without her. We orginally did not have a budget for a DOC, but after planning we realized it would be impossible without one. Caitlynn was fantastic - she would check in months prior to remind us of small stuff (sales for hotel bags, black Friday deals, stress- check-ins, etc.). Every meeting she was incredibly helpful - she was able to remind us of small things we forgot about. She was incredibly organized and everyone loved her. Her prices are reasonable, and incredibly friendly! She was able to work with 15 different vendors for our backyard wedding with grace and poise. Our Wedding would not have gone so smoothly without her. I recommend Caitlynn to anyone who is looking for a passionate, organized, and skilled professional to support them during their wedding day!

-Emma 8.23

I'm so glad to have met Caitlynn at a mutual friend's bridal shower. We hit it off right away and when I found out she was coordinating another wedding at my venue, I had to hire her! Leading up to our wedding, Caitlynn was super helpful in getting my husband and I organized and thinking about things we hadn't even considered. She was in constant contact with me and my vendors when necessary. I knew I could also text or call her at any time with any questions or concerns. She always was quick to respond and fun to chat with! The day of our wedding, I knew I didn't have to worry because she was on top of it all — from keeping us on time, to coordinating the vendors, to setting up the decor, and even taking candid photos. Our day would not have gone as smoothly without her. Caitlynn is truly a dedicated professional who loves what she does and is a delight to work with. Highly recommend her for all your wedding planner/day of coordinator needs!!


-Rebecca 9.23

Caitlynn was the best addition to my wedding planning. She was honestly the only way I was able to accomplish everything I wanted and then some. When I say she did everything I mean it! When I had a vision for something and needed a contact- she was on it. When I needed to follow up about something- she was on it. When I had to make split decisions day off- she was on it! She puts her all in everything she does and it shows in her workmanship and the lasting relationships she makes. I can not recommend her enough to anyone looking for someone to help in the wedding planning process.

Lizz, Caitlynn's Assistant was a wonderful addition to my wedding day. For just meeting her a few days before on zoom and then in person day off, let me tell you that girl is a rockstar. She was at my beck and call all day, and always asking if I needed anything. She even followed me around the venue in the rain with an umbrella and holding my bouquet and fluffing my dress any chance she could. That girl is a hustler and not once did I not see a smile on her face while doing any mundane task. She was a pleasure to work with and meet. Couldn’t have asked for a better duo to make my wedding day go as smoothly as it did. 

-Lauren 7.22

Caitlynn was absolutely amazing to work with for my wedding! We spoke multiple times leading up to the big day and she was always willing to answer questions and give helpful tips to assist in the planning process. On the day of the wedding, Caitlynn arrived on time and made sure we were following our schedule for pictures and our first look. She also made sure all of my decor was set up how I wanted it. Caitlynn handled a lot of the contact with my vendors throughout the day and made sure everything ran smoothly. She stayed until the end of the reception and was so helpful from the moment she arrived until the end of the wedding. I truly can’t express enough how great Caitlynn was to work with!


-Kelly 11.23

In the beginning we were unsure if we needed a day of coordinator but after having a meeting with Caitlynn we knew we needed her!! She made our wedding day seamless and it allowed us to enjoy our day without worrying about the little details behind the scenes. From the start, her communication and attention to detail was amazing. She answered every text or question no matter the day or time. She made sure to remember every want or need we had. She communicated to vendors so we were able to take some things off our plate and always checked in with us. She even continued to help us after the wedding with a vendor problem we had. We couldn’t be more grateful that we found Caitlynn. We hope to work with her again one day.

-Melissa 10.22

Working with Caitlynn was one of the easiest tasks during my wedding planning journey. I was a DIY bride (when it came to prepping, planning, designing my wedding), but I needed someone to help tie all of it together and manage the day so I did not have to worry or lift a finger. That is where Caitlynn played the BIGGEST role. She is super punctual and is VERY detail oriented. Caitlynn let me take the wheel on decisions, but was a GREAT support system when I was indecisive. On the big day, Caitlynn was like my shadow. Everywhere we turned, she was there with a drink, napkin, piece of food - YOU NAME IT - she was standing there ready to assist. Not once was I bothered or taken away for any silliness and I have Caitlynn to thank for that. WITH OUT A DOUBT - YOU NEED A DAY OF WEDDING COORDINATOR and that coordinator is Caitlynn Pedana with Planning With Pedana.


-Alyson 4.23

We were still determining if we needed a coordinator for our wedding. Our venue did provide us with someone for the day of, but having someone there for all of our needs, with no exceptions, was a bonus. Caitlynn was the perfect person for this role. She was well-organized and always on top of everything. She checked in with us when she knew we were stressed and helped us with whatever we needed the day of. Caitlynn helped us set up the entire ballroom how we wanted. She even set up the backdrop behind our sweetheart table, which was helpful! Caitlynn also attended our rehearsal dinner and helped everyone understand where they needed to be for the ceremony. I’ll tell you this - a coordinator will make your Wedding Day much less stressful. We highly recommend Caitlynn.

-Tina 2.23

Caitlynn was amazing! She helped me with every problem or concern leading up to my wedding. I did all DIY decor and she helped make my decor vision come to life ! The day of my wedding she was there and made sure I had no stress or issues the whole day. My whole wedding was amazing and I truly believe it wouldn’t of been the same without her. I 2nd guessed hiring a wedding coordinator and i am so glad I met and hired Caitlynn!!! I definitely recommend her…my wedding venue even said she was the best wedding coordinator they ever worked with. SHE'S THE BEST!!!

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